Internal Medicine Clinic

Internal medicine clinic at Andalusia Hai El Jamea Hospital offers a wide range of diagnostic and curative medical services concerned with for adults, elderly and children well-being. Moreover, the clinic offers consultancy for other disciplines like surgery, obstetrics, oncology, and family medicine. Specialties: - Rheumatoid, lupus and autoimmune diseases. - Diabetes - Endocrine glands and hormonal disturbance. - Hypertension diseases Digestive System and liver: - Digestive system diseases. - Esophageal varices treatment. - Digestive system endoscopy. - Diagnosis and treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases. - Gallbladder and bile duct diseases. - Fatty liver and liver hypertrophy. - Stomach and duodenal ulcers. - Early detection of digestive system tumors.

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    As Sirah Al Atirah, Al-Jame\'ah, Jeddah

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