Dermatology Clinic

Dermatology clinic at Andalusia Hai El Jamea Hospital presents an outstanding group of dermatologists, professors, consultants, and specialists. The clinic is equipped with the latest technology for diagnosis and treatment providing the highest levels of medical care for our beloved patients. Specialties: - Skin inflammation and urticarial. - Skin Spots. - Skin warts and tags. - Skin and nail fungus. - Psoriasis and vitiligo. - Acne and scars. - All types of skin ulcers. - Skin tumors. Complementary Services: - Electro- Cauterization. - Freezing device. - Laser unit. - Botox injection.

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    As Sirah Al Atirah, Al-Jame\'ah, Jeddah

  • Phone : 0126806666
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